Choosing Your Club’s Name

Choosing the name of your volleyball club can be very important to attracting future players and standing out. When doing this, you do not want to pick a name every other club has. So, avoid the non-unique names like “Spike” or “Revolution” that are very common in the US. By coming up with unique names, your club will also be easier to search up and find. You can do this by including the name of your city or coming up with a clever name on your own. This will also help you in the next step when coming up with a website, and social media accounts to grow your volleyball brand.

Setting up Media for Your Club

Coming up with a creative and unique name for your club will really help your website and social media accounts. This will help you come up with a unique domain name that is easily searchable on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Every volleyball club needs these social media accounts. Because just between these two social media sites, you will capture both demographics you need to be successful. Every volleyball mom loves Facebook and probably is pretty active on Facebook. So, having an active and great Facebook page will be your key marketing channel to these moms. You can draw them in with your Facebook page, and then keep them updated during the season and off-season with it as well.

Instagram is where you can draw the most attention from the players who will be on your team. Having a good, active Instagram account will really attract players and keep them happy while they are on your team. Players can repost your posts, stories, and shoutouts of them on your account which will not only make them happy but also point out to their friends and possibly other volleyball players how great your team is. Again, an easy free marketing tool to start and grow your club with all the potential athletes that could make up your team.

Your Brand’s Logo

An important part of these social media accounts that can be marketed to draw people in is your brand image. The logo for your club can be very important in being the recognizable image on all your accounts. And this is very important in all sports teams as everyone that follows sports knows every team by their logo. Try and do the same with your club! Make a great logo and color scheme that is attractive to players and will be usable for years to come. If you cannot come up with all this on your own, you can always get very quality work from freelancers and professional artists for just around $100. This strong brand image can make your club look credible before you even have any players or coaches on your team! So, make sure you take this all seriously so you can grow your volleyball club and its brand to where you want to be.

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