If you were new to volleyball, one of the first things you would notice at a game would be how one player is in a completely different jersey. This position is known as the Libero and it was created in 1999 to be a defensive specialist.

The Libero has a different set of rules that come with the position. For example, they have to stay in the back row at all times, they are not allowed to overhead set in front of the 10-foot line, and they cannot block or spike the ball.

Because the Libero is limited to the back row, they must be great passers. As the Libero, you must be able to effectively get the ball to the setter to give hitters the best chance to win the point. You must also have great court awareness, and be able to fill the holes in your defense. To do this, you must have quick reflexes to complete digs or make a play on a tipped ball.

Tips to Being a Good Libero

Pass, Pass, Pass!

Great hitters are pointless if they do not receive a good set from the setter. A good libero will dedicate hours to perfect the ability to get any ball to their setter.

Serve Receive

The Libero has to be able to return all types of serves and know how to best attack each one. For example, if a float serve is serviced at you, you should attack the ball at a high point before its knuckling action causes the ball to dip down.


As the libero, you have to be in a good frame of mind at all times. You also must be able to communicate and anticipate with the best of them. Most importantly, you have to be resilient. Because you are almost always on the court, forgetting mistakes can be crucial to playing well at all times. And lastly, you have to be selfish. The Libero is a defensive specialist for a reason, so, trust yourself to get the ball to the setter at any given opportunity to make sure your team executes a perfect play and wins the point.

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